Monday, October 3, 2011

Post 1771 - (Slightly Less) Ugh!

I did take a sick day today.  This can be confirmed by the people at my work who read this blog who will have noticed that I wasn't there.  At least, I hope that they noticed I wasn't there.  If they didn't notice I wasn't there, I'm a little hurt.  I'll be back to work in the morning, pending a relapse.

Slept the morning away.  Got up around noon and tried to eat something.  Took a shower in the afternoon.  Rested some more.  Now, it's 9:30, and I'm half-watching "Terra Nova", which is getting duller by the minute.

Newbie has spent the whole day with me.  Where I went, he went.  Of course, the majority of the day I was here in my bedroom.  If he were human, it would be creepy.  As a cat, though, it`s sweet.  Nice to know that someone cares.

Guess I`ll toddle off to bed.  Wanna try to return to work tomorrow.


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