Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Post 1772 - Thanksgiving Plans

I returned to work today, despite Patricia protestations and the comments of a few people I work with.

Patricia had a course this evening in downtown Halifax.  I had agreed (is that the right word?  I was told!) to go pick her up this evening.  So, at nine pm, I got in my car and drove from here to there in about half an hour during the driving rain.  I picked her up and returned her home.

While she was at her course, I transcribed a couple audio files in the Kate Milton interview.  It is a scream.  I know you'll like it.  Later on this week I sit down with 2 more jocks, so I'll have 3 interviews to transcribe.

We have decided not to go to the cottage this weekend.  We are both still getting over our respective colds.  The oven at the cottage is not working, so it would be hard to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.  And the eff-ing trespassers are making my life such a pain in the pinata that it isn't even fun to go there any more.  The law won't let me kill them or plant land mines on the property, and they're such dullards that yelling at them doesn't accomplish anything other than raise my blood pressure up into the ionosphere.  So, I give up.  I don't plan to go back to the cottage any time in 2011.  Maybe by the Spring of 2012, I will have found a way to suppress these urges enough to be able to enjoy the property again.

We have neighbours down there who are friends of ours.  They have problems with trespassers as well, so bad that the trespassers are brazen enough to walk on the property, up on their deck, look in through the windows and basically case the joint in preparation for breaking into it.  In broad daylight.  While we're watching them do it.

Rag rag rag.

Patricia will go there next weekend and close the place up for the year.  I just can't abide being there any more.

And on that pleasant note....

See you tomorrow.


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