Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post 1779 - Cool Radio Post

First of all, my phone interview with the NSCC student in the radio program will take place on Wednesday during my lunch hour.  I'm kinda jazzed about it.

The second thing is, just a little while ago, I got a special email from Norm Riley's grand daughter, Rachel McCormick.  They are scanning in a bunch of pictures and articles about Norm Riley, the legendary Halifax radio broadcaster from the 1940's and early 1950's who went on to manage Hank Snow and others.  I am going to hold off on publishing the pictures here until I get a few more of them, but the one I did get is fascinating.  It features Norm with Betty Jean Ferguson, Miss Canada 1948, at the North Commons on the occasion of Ms. Ferguson's return to the city following her crowning as Miss Canada.  30 000 people were there to meet her, and I wonder how many folks still remember that?  Who would read this blog post, that is? For that matter, is Betty Jean Ferguson still alive, and would she remember that event if she is?

I will run that picture along with some other pictures that they kindly send my way.

I am not sure what excites me more: To get a picture of this enigmatic man in the flesh, along with the CJCH mic label, or my phone interview tomorrow.  I will have to think about that and get back to you.  But learning more about Norm Riley is right up there, ladies and gentlemen.

I need to get out more.

See you tomorrow.


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