Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post 1780 - A Good Day

My interview with Lindsay Brett went well today.  I appreciated how she called me exactly when she said she would.  Noon sharp.  The interview lasted about 12 minutes.  I think it went well.  Perhaps it will lead to more such interviews down the road.  Not sure.  But it was fun.

Had Toastmasters tonight.  The meeting went well as well.  I managed to win, by a single point, the Quiz Master's contest.  This is where you answer trivia questions that arise from the events of the meeting.  The only rules are that you're  not allowed to answer a question if it's about you, and you can't blurt out the answers; you have to be acknowledged by the Quiz Master.  We've been doing this for years and years now, getting the idea from another club and refining it to make it more of a competition, often with small prizes.  This evening I won a small cell phone holder, although it might also hold my smaller digital camera.  A nice little premium and I'll find a good use for it.

I was starving when the meeting was over.  I had hoped to be able to wait until I got home to eat something here, but my gut compelled me to act against that impulse.  I checked out a pizza joint in the north end not far from my work.  I pointed to a slice that was on display, thinking I would be eating it within 30 seconds.  Instead, the employee decided to re-heat the slice in the pizza oven, taking nearly 5 minutes.  I don't think I was legally parked, and I was hungry, and I wanted to eat something NOW, dammit.

She sense my impatience, but took her time anyway, with all the sense of urgency of a girl getting ready for the big prom while keeping her date waiting downstairs.  I got the pizza and began eating it in the car.  While the crust was good, the rest of it was tasteless.  It was supposedly the works, but if there was any meat on it, it was sliced so thin it only had one side.  The cheese was some no name product from some dodgy grocery store.  The veggies?   Well, it was dark.  I presume there were some there, but I'm frigged if I can tell you what they were.

It's a big thumbs down to Korca's pizza on Agricola, folks, at least from me.

Tomorrow's gonna be a crazy busy day. Up early.  Work all day.  Drive to the Valley Thursday night.  Attend a ghost walk.  Go to Mom's.  Then Friday gets very interesting with various meetings and plenty of errands to be run.  My mother will run me ragged as she always does.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

See you tomorrow.


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