Friday, October 14, 2011

Post 1782 - A Library Post

It is just past 7pm.  I am at the Port Williams library, tapping away on my netbook while regular folks use the computers that the library provides.  I am not in the usual section of the library; I am off against the wall as you walk in the main entrance, sitting in one of those really old chairs that I described when I was here last month.

The day has been busy.  The furniture guy came and went.  There was a big family meeting at 11am that I will not discuss here.  A very pleasant man from a plumbing and heating company cleaned my mother's furnace for another year.  I returned some stuff to the Red Cross.  I paid some of my mother's bills.  I returned to the house and copied as many songs as would fit on the small-ish hard drive on the old desktop I keep down here.

I'm glad I dropped a second hard drive in that desktop a few weeks ago.  If I hadn't, then I would have no hard drive now, as the primary one, the one that came with the machine last year, failed earlier today. I switched the cables around inside to make the secondary one the primary hard drive and disconnected the no-good one.  I reinstalled ubuntu on that computer.  It runs much better now, but I am down to 60gb of storage.  I will ferret out a larger hard drive (ide) sometime.  The computer is not worth spending money, so if you  no longer want an IDE hard drive, I can take it off your hands.

Anyway, I was playing some of those 11 000 songs before I came here this evening.   I was in an introspective mood.   The next few months promise to be so rich with incident that they will form a seismic shift in my life. Some of those things I will not like very much at all.   Others are inevitable and will signify the end of a good long run and fall under the "nothing lasts forever" category.   I keep telling myself that I have no control over the things I have no control over an to accept these things.  It is easy to tell myself that, but the reality is that some of these things will suck and the only alternative to accepting them is to deny their reality, which does nobody any good.

Tomorrow, my mother will run me like a show pony.  We will shop for many hours.  Her new walker has made her much more mobile, and I have to run to keep up with her.  I will because she's my mother  and I have already lost one parent and want to hold on to my other one for as long as possible.

Also tomorrow, I will return to the city in the late afternoon so that we can go to the Nocturne event.  Here's the website.   It promises to be a fun  evening. Patricia will be doing the driving as I will probably be too zonked to do so.

A busy weekend.  Looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow.


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