Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post 1783 - A Wonderful Day

Crazy long day.

I woke up at my mother's place this morning.  Not long after I got up and made coffee for us, we had to take off to have her hair cut.  Then the shopping began.

We went to the health food store.  We went to Wolfville to Shoppers Drug Mart.  Then, lunch at Rosie's restaurant.  Then I got some obscure fuses at Home Hardware for her house.  Then, we went to get some sandwiches at the grocery store; thank goodness my former girlfriend wasn't working there today.  Then we returned to the house to drop off the sandwiches and for me to stow the fuses with the rest of the spare fuses.  Then, we went back to New Minas to get her groceries.  Then, to Henny Penny's to get some grapefruit (you city slickers shouldn't go to Hennigar's or Noggins Farm; locals shop at Stirling's or Henny Penny's).  Then, to Port Williams to the bakery.  Then, to the house again to put the groceries away.  Then, a nap.  Then, grabbed Newbie and my stuff and returned to the city.  Then, we headed out to Nocturne 2011 in downtown Halifax; it was an amazing time, and it was wonderful to see the city so alive.  Then, we went to Peter's Pizza on Inglis Street and ordered a big ass pizza.  Then, we returned here and ate a couple slices.

Now, it is after 1am.  We are watching SNL.

It has been a very long day.  Except for my nap at Mom's this afternoon, I have been on the go for many hours.  I think I will sleep for many hours.  Patricia will be heading off the to the Health Expo on Sunday but I will hang back and do stuff around the house.  A day of rest is what the doctor ordered.

See you tomorrow!


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