Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post 1786 - Nice News And Some Sad News

Patricia is at the cottage for a couple of days.  I remain in Halifax, or "Hali", as the young folks like to call it.

She dropped by the River John library today and spoke with the librarian, Margaret. Turns out that she is a fan of the blog.  I gave her one of my business cards this summer, and she decided to check it out.  I am delighted that the 9.2 cents I spent on that business card was well spent.  Please keep reading the blog, Margaret.  Why not go back and read all the posts you have missed over the years?  Hours and hours of terrific reading await you.  Somewhere else.

I found out earlier this evening that Megan Edwards, late of Z103.5 until she was laid off this summer, has decided to move to Vancouver.  Halifax will miss her a great deal.  I hope that she decides to return here some day and can find the kind of work that is becoming of her great talent.  My interview with Megan is the 3rd most popular post in the history of Bevboy's Blog.  Hundreds of people have read it.  It was a great delight to meet her last year.  And it deeply sucks that she finds it necessary to leave for greener pastures.  My very best to you, Megan.

I mentioned my fondness for the writing of Max Allan Collins in this blog, last evening.  I told you that I am looking for a particular novel of his, which I'd swear I have in my collection.  Still can't find it.  But I'm not giving up.  It's here somewhere.

Transcribed some more of the Kate Milton interview today, 3 audio files.  I have about 26 minutes of material left to wade through.  I'm going as fast as I can, folks.

Guess I'll have that shave I've been promising myself.

See you tomorrow.


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