Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post 1787 - A Good Meeting

It's 10pm.  I am home from my Toastmasters meeting.

It was a good meeting.  Table Topics turned out better than I thought it would, since I came up with it.  I wrote down the names of every day objects, like "coffee mug" and "mirror" and "wrist watch" on slips of paper.  You had to "be" that item and discuss what life was like as that item.  Jessica spoke about being a coffee mug and how hot liquid is poured in her every morning and people put their lips to her.  Afterward, hot water and soap wash over her.  It was quite erotic for a Toastmasters meeting.  I had to excuse myself for a few minutes during the recess.

After the meeting, she and her bf and I stepped out for a burrito and talked about the club and how much they're enjoying the club so far.  They have some terrific ideas of where they think the club should go.  I like those ideas.

I am just about to mark 20 years in Toastmasters, and in the same club.  I have spent the bulk of my adult life in that club.  It has helped me and changed me and moulded me into the person I am now.  I owe, if not my life, then a lot of my sanity to Toastmasters.  I am not exaggerating.  I am grateful for what it has done for me. I am happy that there is a new generation of TM'ers who want to carry on the tradition from the older members, some of whom have become complacent and feel that they are above criticism.  I am not saying that there is anyone in the club like that; I am saying that it happens.

Patricia is back home now, having spent 2 days at the cottage.  She's pretty tired but glad to be back in Halifax.

So am I.

Pay day tomorrow.  All day, actually!

See you tomorrow.


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