Saturday, October 22, 2011

Post 1790 - A Day In The Valley

Patricia and I spent the day in the Valley, taking care of some business.

We checked out the farmer's market there.  I know it's not as big as the Seaport Farmer's Market in Halifax, but the one in Wolfville is plenty big for me.

Patricia read the biography of Mona Parsons, who should be a Canadian hero and is nearly forgotten.  There is a Heritage Minute about her, so go ahead and google it.  She's buried in Wolfville.  I showed Patricia this morning just where the grave is, and took her to it.

What else?  We prepared lunch for Mom and ate together.  I know that Mom appreciated having the company for a meal, which doesn't happen nearly often enough for her now that Dad's gone.

In the afternoon we went back to  Wolfville and then to Kentville.   We picked up some free range organic chicken from the guy who sells them to us every year.  We paid our goodbyes to Mom and returned to the city.  The cats had missed us.  We fed them and have spent the evening watching some tv show that we like.

Tomorrow we will do some cleaning up around here.  We will have a nice chicken dinner.  And we may go for a walk over to Dan Barton's place.

Also tomorrow, I think I will commence transcribing the JAX interview.  Hope to finish that in a couple of weeks of work.

Newbie is glommed on to me here.  I think he missed me, too, in his cat way.

See you tomorrow.


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