Sunday, October 23, 2011

Post 1791 - A Day In The City

I didn't get up terribly late this morning, around 8am.  There was a mountain of dishes to be washed, and I washed them.  A very long time later, I was done.  Of course, after a chicken dinner, there are more dishes to be washed.  That would rate a sigh.

We went for a long walk along the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea (BLT) Trail this afternoon.  We would have gone further, but the skies threatened rain.  That would rate another sigh.

We went back to the house and watched the season opener of "Sons of Anarchy" and "Once Upon A Time", but I found the latter a disappointment.  Another sigh, a minor one, if you please.

Watched "The Good Wife" again this evening, and am afraid that the show is in a slump.  A sigh.

We watched another episode of "Sons of Anarchy", and liked it a lot, but it's too late to watch a 3rd episode. Yeah.  A sigh, if you don't mind.

Lots of sighs today.  What follows them?  Returning to work tomorrow morning.



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