Monday, October 24, 2011

Post 1792 - One Less Thing, But It Went To A Good Home

Patricia and I visited Dan Barton this evening. He lives not far from here.  While there, he purchased "my" copy of The Jimi Hendrix Experience album from 1967.  It had belonged to my brother.  He probably bought it with money earned the hard way, from picking strawberries or digging potatoes or something.  I don't have that much of my brother's, and now I have one less thing.  The way I figure it, I am not a big Hendrix fan and haven't owned a turntable in years.  I think Ernie would have liked to see the record go to someone who appreciated it.  It had languished here in my home office for several years and had not been played in many more.  Why not let it go to a home where it will be played over and over?

The album still plays very well.  For the first time, I understand how a vinyl recording, analog sound, can sound warmer and more inviting than digital music.  The basses sounded much better than they do on a cd or on an mp3 or even a wma or wav file.  Well, a traditional cd stores its music in wav format.

I sent Dan just now a link to my tribute to my brother.  It is post 500 back in October of 2008.  You can just click on the "Brother" label and see it if you want to.  I figured that Dan would like to know a bit more about the man whose album it was, 40 years ago.

In other Bevboy's Blog news, the Kate Milton interview may go up as soon as Tuesday evening.  Just dotting some i's and crossing a few t's.  I can reveal that she is a real firecracker, and that you will learn a lot about her.  I sure did.

See you tomorrow.


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