Friday, October 28, 2011

Post 1796 - A Long Day

I sent off interview questions to a couple more radio jocks during my lunch hour today.  Once I get through the interviews and the attendant work it will be the holidays, easily.  Maybe even the new year.

Patricia and I went to Costco after work tonight.  I had bought my most recent pair of glasses there, to my ever lasting regret.  I have had nothing but problems with them.  The frames are loose and bent out of shape just through normal use.  They tightened them yet again this evening and put them back into their normal shape.  I will have to do it again in a month or so.  Looking forward to the day when I can ditch these glasses for something that will be useful.  That probably means going back to Vogue Optical.

We got home and watched the pilot episode of "Grimm".  It looks promising so far, much more so than "Once Upon A Time", or whatever that snore fest is called on Sunday evenings.  "Grimm" is about a cop who discovers he is the latest in the  long line of Grimm's, people who can see the true face of people, whether they're wolves or demons or postal carriers.  Armed with this knowledge, he is able to solve crimes.  Not a bad concept, and the first episode moved along nicely.   I'll be back next week.

Tomorrow I have to find suitable comics to give out to the children on the 31st.  That may take a while.

Also tomorrow I have to get back to transcribing the JAX interview.

See you on Saturday!


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