Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post 1798 - Getting Ready

Spent much of the day watching more tv shows and movies.  Patricia has made it clear that she doesn't like "Strike Back", so I will watch that on my own from now on.  That's fine.  The sex and violence embarrass me.  Well, that's what I tell Patricia.

I spent quite a bit of time today digging out some comic books to give out to the ghosts and goblins Monday evening.  Also this year, I pulled out a special Batman book, discussing the first 50 years of that character.  It came out in 1989, his 50th anniversary.   I will be giving out that book to the kid who wears either the best Batman costume, or whose costume blows me away the most.  Probably not to a 2 year old though.  It's an actual book and would be best to give out to a 12 year old or more.

Also excavated the Hallowe'en candy today, the stuff I bought last year or the year before.  I sampled a few pieces, and it's fine.  I don't get why people get after me for storing candy in my freezer for a year.  It's on sale when I buy it, so I save a few bucks.  And I'm guaranteed to have it on hand the next year.  There is no difference in the taste that my buds can discern.  It's not freezer burned or anything like that.  It's just candy, folks!  Get over it.

Lots of comics to give away. Lots of candy to give away.  Sounds cool to me.

See you tomorrow.


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