Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post 1801 - My Weekend Is Nearly Here!

It is Wednesday night.  Getting late.  Just burned a couple cd's to archive the contents of a recent interview.  It's my policy to make a copy of the interview and give it to my client, while I store the other one elsewhere for my own nefarious needs.  It's too bad that the lightscribe  application and the actual lightscribe-enabled drive, often don't work.  The discs cost quite a bit more, and there is a high failure rate on them.

Speaking of interviews, I sit down with Shane Wilson tomorrow for an extensive interview. He was part of the morning team on Z103 until January of 2011.  You would have seen the bus ads with "Jeff, Nikki and Shane".  That Shane.

The Shane interview will be conducted in 2 parts  Part one will be his thoughts about science fiction and fantasy and how that got him involved into Hal-Con, the upcoming SF convention here in Hali.  I will move Heaven and earth to  transcribe that piece over the weekend and it will run here sometime next week, just in time for the convention.  It will be linked to the official Hal-Con website, which should give me a nice bump in readers.

The second part of the interview will be about his radio career.  That will run at a later date, probably during the holidays.

In other interview news, I got the special celebrity question this evening for the upcoming Julia Kirkey interview.  I don't tell the client who the jock is who supplied the question, or what the question is, until the actual sit down in a couple of weeks.

I am still transcribing the Jax interview.  Shane is tomorrow.  Need to reconvene with Katey Day.  Julia Kirkey is coming up.  And there is a major, super long unpublished interview conducted more than a year ago.  It's fully transcribed and waiting for the vetting.

Which leads me to the next thought and perhaps a small rant.  I allow the clients to read over the interview before publication.  I have taken some heat for this from others who think I should not do this, how this brings into doubt my journalistic integrity.  I have resisted these criticisms because I want the interviews to reflect, as much as possible, the words and the intent of the jock, not those words as refracted through my own foibles and failings and bias.  How better to do that than to allow the jock, the client, to read the stuff over to make sure that I didn't frig up something somewhere?


This interview was conducted 15 months ago.  I submitted it to the person back in... June, I think.  Took me a long time to type in 4 hours worth of material.  And... nothing.  Just vague promises to have it to me "soon".

Going forward, I will give people maybe 2 weeks to vet it, and then I run the sucker.  Exceptions will be made if people are sick or on vacation or extremely busy or something.  Otherwise, 2 weeks to scan my text should be sufficient time.  If it isn't, too bad.  Life is too short.  I'll run the interview as I transcribed it.  I'm sure you will agree that I am being more than fair.

I work a half day on Thursday and am then off until Monday.  Looking forward to a few days away from work.  I have much to do at my mother's.

See you tomorrow.


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