Friday, November 4, 2011

Post 1803 - A Busy Day

(Yeah. I forgot to number yesterday's post. Sue me.)

Got up very early this morning and got my car to the shop for its biannual inspection. It passed fine but I am getting some work done to in 3 weeks anyway. Will need new tires in the new year.

I drove to Staples afterward and saw what I'd gone there for. The current version of Dragon Naturally Speaking was on sale for a mere 50 bucks. I snapped it up toot sweet. Got a 32gb sd card for a really good price as well. I got a card reader for less than 7 bucks at the Wal*Mart next door.

Drove around a bit more and landed at Books Galore in Coldbrook. They had many Max Allan Collins novels I didn't have already, so I got them. They also had some out of print Nolan books by MAC that I already had but was happy to see them anyway.

This afternoon I began transcribing the Hal-Con portion of my talk with Shane Wilson. This evening I have about 12 minutes left. May finish on Saturday.

This evening I hit another used book store.

There's something about bookstores, and in particular used ones, that I find greatly appealing. While new bookstores are struggling, used ones still seem to be doing well. They are great fun for me to prowl through.

Tomorrow, I take Mom shopping. We will be gone for hours and hours and I will return here exhausted and crying for rest, not that she will let me get any.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.

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