Saturday, November 5, 2011

Post 1804 - Improvise

Woke up just past 6 this morning in total darkness. There was a brown out or something happening which made the few lights on at my mother's quite dim. A few minutes later, the power went out completely.

I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Got up and saw my mother resting in her chair all covered up. The power was still out

I convinced my mother to get up and get dressed. I offered to take her to breakfast. We ended up at Cora's.

She'd never been there and loved it. Cora's is a nice place, but not a place you go to on a regular basis. It's pretty pricey and the food would kill you if you ate it every day.

We did some shopping and returned to the house. The power was back on. Yay!

I returned to town and got her groceries. She doesn't consistently get to town when I'm not here so we're sure to stock up when I am.

This evening my mother and I had an important discussion whose content I will not discuss here. It went well.

After that, I transcribed all but the last few minutes of the portion of the Shane Wilson interview that will be published here early next week. I think you will like it.

It's getting late and tomorrow will be busy. We say goodbye to most of my father's power tools. Someone's agreed to buy them. The ones we're keeping are the ones necessary to keep the house up and running. We don't need a drill press to do that. But it'll still be hard to let these pieces of my dad's treasures go. We know he loved these tools and wore many of them down to a nub.

See you tomorrow.

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