Sunday, November 6, 2011

Post 1805 - Done

I just sent 3000 words about Hal-Con to Shane Wilson.  There's a good chance that you will see this discussion here Monday evening.

After this I will resume transcribing the Jax interview, and then go back to Shane's interview and try not to forget about Katey Day.  Julia Kirkey is booked for later on this month.  Jordi Morgan has received my proposed interview questions.

My dance card is full.  Very full.

Selling off my father's tools was postponed today.  It will happen later on this month.

I enjoyed my weekend in the Valley.  As usual, it was hard to return to the city this afternoon.  But my life is here, and while that is hard to accept sometimes, denying reality is never a good idea.

I wish I could stay up late enough to see The Walking Dead.  I'm a little jealous of people who are able to stay up all hours and function on little sleep.   Some of these people may appear exhausted, but look fresh and awake.  I have no idea how they do it.  When I was in university, I could get by with little rest, but I was quite a bit younger then.  Today, I can't keep those long hours day in and day out.  I guess I'm getting... more mature.

See you tomorrow.


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