Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post 1808 - A Decision

I have been telling you, complaining to you, railing to you, about the desktop computer in my home office, the one that "runs" Vista.  It doesn't actually run.  It crawls.  It wheezes.  It takes its sweet time.  It goes into near-daily updates that get backed out.

The computer is not fun to use.

The problem is, I have 1000's of files on it, pictures and videos and songs, that must be backed up.

When I got home from Toastmasters this evening, I sat down to back up those files.  The songs were already mostly backed up, so I went on to the pictures.  8 of the nearly 13000 had too-long filenames (including the path), so I skipped over those.  I will try to find those few tomorrow and export them.

The Bevboy's blog stuff?  The pictures and videos and the precious audio files?  I backed those up a few minutes ago.

Still to back up: some odds and sods.  Probably 30 minutes of work.

I stopped for the evening a short time ago.  I am turning in shortly.  But as I tried to power down the computer, it went into  one of those bloody update routines that are driving me crazy.

Possibly as early as Thursday night, I will install ubuntu on that machine.  I cannot wait to get Vista off that computer.  Can't.  Wait.

I will enjoy this.  I may pop some popcorn, drink a small beer, and sit there with my pants down, while the old OS goes away and something more efficient goes in its place.

Tomorrow night.  My place.  Bye-bye, Vista!

See you there?


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