Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post 1809 - A Good Meal

You're looking at a picture of the menu for the coolest sushi place I have ever been to.

"Fresh Happy Healthy Sushi" is in Bayers Lake, I think.  I am not all together sure where Bayers Lake ends.  It is definitely on Lacewood.  It's in Lacewood Square, the same complex that houses a Smitty's and a Pizza Hut and other places. On the same side of the road as Home Depot.

It is an all-you-can-eat sushi place.  You go in. They give you a sheet of paper that has the names of all the items on the agenda. You use a supplied pen to indicate which items you want, and in what quantity. They provide the victuals, and you eat them.

Like I said, it is all-you-can-eat, but if have to be careful about that.  If you do not eat all the food you order, they add the cost of that item to your food bill.  Otherwise, there is one price that you pay per adult.

They have appetizers.  They have sashimi.  They have sushi.  They have sushi rolls.  They have hand rolls.  They have desserts.  We had some of each.

The appies consisted of the only item we didn't like: grilled egg plant.  It was slimy, and my chop sticks had a hard time picking up the pieces.  The effort wasn't worth it, as we didn't like it very much.  Salty and slimy and tasteless. Everything else was marvelous.  We loved the chicken terayaki.  The hand rolls (cucumber and crab) were so good I had to order a couple extra ones and wouldn't let Patricia have any.  The sushi rolls were sublime, warm and moist.  The rice held everything together just long enough for the chopsticks to carry the sushi to my mouth.  I was disappointed when my 6 pieces were gone.  The fried dumplings were so good that I wish we had ordered more.

We didn't go for the soup.  Miso soup doesn't do much for me.  Other soups didn't appeal to us, so we opted for the chicken fried uden instead.  Patricia doesn't like those fat noodles, but I did see her go for seconds.  Hypocrite.

Before long, we had eaten our fill, but we both wished we had a hollow appendage into which to stuff more sushi.  We finished off with a small bowl each of green tea ice cream.  We looked up and noticed that the joint had become very full, very fast.  There was a line up to get in.  This is not an obscure place after all.  It is apparently trendy.

The final bill, with tax and gratuity, was about $55. A very good deal considering how good the food was.

If you like sushi, if you want to eat as much of it as your gut can process, then get your rear end to this sushi place.   You will love it.

See you tomorrow.  Will discuss kicking Windows Vista to the curb.


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Ken said...

Loosely translated it reads "Don't eat the green stuff."