Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post 1811 – Interview With Drakaina Muse


November 12, 2011

Drakaina Muse read my Shane Wilson interview and left a comment on the blog on November 11th.  I had to tell Patricia.  Eventually. 

Shane kindly introduced me to Drakaina, and I recorded the following brief conversation. 

Danke, Shane.


Bevboy: I’m here at Hal-Con with the lovely and talented Drakaina Muse.  How are you doing today?

Drakaina Muse: I’m fine, BB.  How are you doing?

BB: Fine.  Did I say your name DSCF4909-1correctly?

DM: You said it perfectly.  It’s so rare.

BB: How do people usually pronounce it?

DM: DraKEENA.  It’s hard for everybody to say it.  They never know because it’s such a weird name.  But it’s just Drakaina.

BB: What made you decide to Halifax your home, considering your international appeal?

DM: Well, I came here 5 years ago.  Somebody told me, “Your career is doing great.  You rock.  You should come here to Canada, especially Halifax, because the industry is booming.” 

BB: I didn’t know that!

DM: And then she sold it to me, saying, “And, it’s hot all the time.”  I’m coming from the South of France.  To me, hot is hot.  I got here in the middle of Summer.  Everybody’s wearing shorts and little t-shirts.  I’m wearing my Winter jacket.  But, I fell in love with the people.  That’s why I stayed.  I love it here.  I’ve got a quiet life: A nice house with a white picket fence.  I’ve got my busy Drakaina life all around it.  I travel all around.  But, I can come home to a quiet place with friendly neighbors. 

BB: How many of your neighbors know that you have this alter ego? 

DM: Actually, since I did the cover of Frank Magazine in July [2011], pretty much everybody.  [laughs]  We just moved in, in April.  In July, it came out.  I flew to San Diego for the ComicCon.  I came back; and all my neighbors were like, “You created DSCF4914-1such a stir!”  I dodged a bullet.  I flew the day the article came out. 

“You made the cover of Frank Magazine!”

“So, you’re amused?”


“Are you going to throw me away?”

“No.  Welcome!  We love what you do.” 

BB: So, they’ve been accepting of you, rather than be, “Oh, my  God!  Get her out of here!” 

DM: No. Not at all.  Not one of them. 

BB: Is there a particular artist you have not worked with, with whom you would like to work?

DM: I’d love to work with Boris Vallejo. 

BB: I’ve seen some of his work.  That would be a good move for you.

DM: Other than that, your muse doesn’t really work that way.  They come to me.  I don’t really seek them out.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have had 400 artists come to me.  I’m ok.  I welcome all the artists that want to come work with me.  I’ve been here for 10 years.  I’m happy with everything I’ve got.  I’m happy with all the people I’ve met, whether they’re painters, photographers, movie directors.  I’m happy.  I don’t have any special wish.  I welcome them all. 

BB: Excellent.  Thank you!

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