Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post 1816 - Two Days In

Still not feeling all that well tonight, but at least I didn't sleep the entire  night away  like I did Monday night.

I spent more than an hour this evening washing the dishes.  Great fun as always.  Imagine my delight when I discovered a piece of chicken in the oven, in a pyrex dish, that had been there for far too long.  The chicken was thrown out; the pyrex dish is soaking in the sink.

I finally went downstairs around 8pm.  Before I watched this week's "The Walking Dead", I figured out the password to my wireless router and played around with some of the settings.  Then, I watched The Walking Dead.

Came up here and watched a bit more tv.

Now, Newbie is reclining and looking at me with that cat look of his.  He wants to turn in.

Sounds like a good idea.

See you tomorrow.


1 comment:

Sandell said...

Must have been quite a fowl experience finding a piece of the chicken in the oven!