Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post 1818 - One Day To Go!

It is about 9:30 here at Casa Bevboy.  I will be up for a little while  yet.

I spent the evening in an interesting fashion.  I had downloaded some CBC podcasts excerpted from Halifax's Information Morning.   Every Thursday, they have a feature in which a woman named Dianne Marshall discusses some aspect of Nova Scotia history, usually something to do with Halifax.

I spent about an hour this evening listening to them all.  They talked about the history of some Halifax streets.  Another one was all about the history of the Morse's Tea building in the downtown (there was originally another house on that site!).  The Acadian sign at the Halifax waterfront overlooking George's Island was the backdrop for a discussion about George's Island.

I love NS history.  I could listen to someone talking about it all the time.  I have dozens of books about NS history in my book collection.

I continue to think about the neigbhourhood destroyed in the 1960's in order to allow for the creation of Scotia Square and the  Cogswell Street Exchange.  I wonder why the people displaced by that process don't have a voice the way that the Africville folks do.  Any theories, folks?

Also, I regret not hearing this more often, but Rick Howe has a feature on News 95.7 after 6:30 that is all about local history.  Rick doesn't have the budget that Info Morning does, but he somehow manages to produce excellent content day in and day out.   The various history features are but one example of this.

This Summer, I found a link on the website pointing to an archive of mp3's of previous editions of Rick's show.  A quick look just now revealed that I can't find this treasure trove.  If I do find them, I will link to them, especially the history stuff.

See you tomorrow.


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