Friday, November 18, 2011

Post 1819 - Friday! At Last!

It is not a cruel prank pulled on me by an equally cruel teenager or anything.  The weekend really is here.

It's Patricia's birthday weekend.  This means that must treat her with kid gloves.  On Saturday morning we will drive down to the Valley for the day.  We will spend hours in Wolfville, a town we both love.  We will have lunch at Acton's Cafe on Main Street before we both go to the craft show at Acadia University, an event I look forward to not at all.

I have already bought her present.  I think she will like it.  I will let you know her reaction tomorrow.

Anyway, eventually, we will drop by my mother's for a couple of hours.  My mother will have a list of things for me to buy for her because, well, she always has a list of things she wants me to buy for her.

We will return to the city tomorrow night and crash, exhausted.

To be repeated on November 20, 2012.

Did I mention it's the weekend?

I can't remember.

See you tomorrow.


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