Monday, November 21, 2011

Post 1822 - A Call For Help

It is 10pm Monday night, and I will be going to bed shortly.

Newbie is scratching at the wall as if he sees something, but I have no idea what it is.

It was a decent day at work.  We returned home, and I took over a box of comic books to a neigbhour up the street.  I took some shit for giving out comics on Hallowe'en, and this lady came to my defense.  I will not be giving out comics ever again, but was happy to give away some to this woman and her family.   It's funny, because I gave away comics for 10 years and never had a problem; but this year, all Hell broke loose.  Whatever.  Next year, we'll go out to dinner and a movie.

I have Friday off work, and already my mother is planning my weekend with her.  I am hoping to be able to get a few hours of sleep here and there.

I want to buy an e-book reader for someone for Christmas.  I am unable to choose between a kindle and a kobo.  Does anybody reading this, in Canada, have any suggestions?  Remember, in Canada, you don't get all of the bells and whistles with either device that you would in the States.  Up here, the kindle is good for reading most of the books offered American customers, for reading wikipedia and the dictionary.  The "experimental browser" doesn't work otherwise.   The kobo has a built-in dictionary, but no other browser capability.

Any suggestions?

Tomorrow is Tuesday, at least up here it is.  In your neck of the woods, maybe some other day of the week follows Monday.  You're lucky if it does.

See you tomorrow!


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kevin.tillman said...

Hi Bev, we have 2 x kindles (kindle2) at home. I'm not much of a novel reader but the mrs and one of the boys really enjoy reading. Personally i think i would like the kindle fire once amazon figures out how to make money with content in canada. I dont know much about the comparison of a kindle to others (i think market share is with the kindle, but i dont know for sure)

- e-ink and not backlit or much glare, apparently its better on the eyes when reading at long periods of time. To me it looks like real ink, so i guess it would be the same

- font adjustment is fast and useful

- weight is light and with an optional folder kinda feels like a book

- wispernet, you can download for free on the 3g models from amazon very quickly. wifi model is just fine too

- links to wikipedia, often you'll find stuff you want some quick facts about while reading.

- browser isnt bad really.

- battery seems to last forever


The reading out loud, sounds like a sad robot voice, although there is a female voice too ;)

The most annoying thing about the kindle is me not getting my supper on time because the mrs is reading a book. haha.