Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Post 1824 - A Snowy Day

The weather outside was frightful today in Nova Scotia.  The drive in to work was fine, but the drive home tonight was brutal.

The snow hit around 8:30 and continued all day.  I left work a bit early to try to beat the heavy traffic.  The usual route, up Young Street to Bayers Road, was impossible; I found out later that two Metro Transit buses were stuck a few blocks up, unable to move.  I went around the other way, to Robie and then to North and then to the Armdale Roundabout.  Creeping along, inch by inch, I got home within an hour, easily twice as long as it normally takes to get home at night.

I got home and cleaned off the steps.  Patricia took the bus and got home around 6.

I was hoping for a quiet evening at home.

No such luck.

Patricia has long since forgotten the password to her netbook for the purposes of installing updates.  It's a linux computer.  I have spent the last few hours trying to re-install another version of linux.  The install works, but the wireless doesn't work at all.  I have tried many things.  I am about to try a wireless usb key to see if that works.  If it does, I will call it a night.  If it doesn't, my frustration will probably keep me up all night.  I am like a dog with a bone with this stuff.

Tomorrow's Thursday, and I'm off on Friday.  Looking forward to a good break.

See you tomorrow.


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