Friday, November 25, 2011

Post 1826 - Free Wifi

I write these humble, pathetic words at the car place where my ride is getting a new control arm bushing installed.  It has something to do with the driving mechanism and costs $160.  Don't ask  me anything else to avoid embarrassment on my part.  Deal?

I am connecting to a free wifi signal, for which I'm grateful.  It's the only free thing I'll have today.  Everything else is gonna cost me dearly.

I was up until late and rose early, in no small part due to Newbie, who feels it is against the law and offends his very nature for me to sleep in.  He doesn't understand when my days off are and wants me up early every single day.  I will wake him up some day and keep him awake my knocking things over just as he's drifting off. He'll know how it feels then.  Little bastard.

After I leave here, I will go into New Minas.  There is an ongoing mystery at my house.  I am missing something like 10 pairs of socks.  Patricia claims not to have thrown any out unless they were holey beyond description.  Newbie and Cindy refused to look me in the eye when I asked them, so they may have played a role in this.  It doesn't matter as I need these socks very badly.  Patricia doesn't feel comfortable with me wearing her knee highs.  

After that, I will drop off a vhs rewinder to a guy in Wolfville.  He spoke up for one on freecycle on the weekend, and I happened to have one on hand that I didn't want any more.   He gets it, and I am free of one more thing  that I don't want.  Everybody wins.

I have got quite a few things on freecycle: a dvd case, a computer desk, 2 flatbed scanners, several other things.  I have also given away quite a few  things including the first 18 or so James Bond movies on vhs.  Nice to see these things go to a good home.  Let's be honest with each other and state that most of the James Bond movies suck.


Most of the James Bond movies suck.

I feel much better now.

I have a full day planned for myself, and that's not including the myriad of things my mother has planned for me.   I'd better fortify myself with coffee and protein.

See you later.


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