Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post 1828 - A Sad Day

I'm one of the executors for my father's estate.  Today, we sold off the majority of my dad's power tools.

The ones we sold, were ones that my sister and brother-in-law already had newer editions of, and which would be not very useful to me when I am at my mother's.  I don't need a drill press.  The average person doesn't need a 15" auto planer running on 220 volts and I'm at best a below average person.  A snowblower might be nice, but Mom gets a guy to clean the driveway during the Winter, so it's not really necessary.  There were some other things sold, most of which I would never have used and would have to guess at as to their function.

It was a little sad.  I kept expecting Dad to come out of his bedroom and wonder what the Hell was going on, and why we were selling off his stuff.  But, he didn't, and we did.  

After the guys left, I gave the proceeds to another one of the executors, who will deposit the money into the estate bank account tomorrow or the next day.  I returned to my mother's and contemplated my life for a little while.  Newbie kept pouncing on me like I was a rodent to be played with.  I regarded him for a few minutes before I picked him up and put him in the bathroom and got his carrier and stuffed him into it.   He didn't like that very much.  Tough.

15 minutes later, my car packed, I returned to the city.  Patricia greeted me warmly ("Who the Hell are you?  Why did you get your hair cut?"), and we had dinner.  Patricia was watching an interminable Stephen King movie called "1408".  I surfed the web while it prattled on, and then we watched the most recent episode of  "Sons of Anarchy".   Two episodes to go in that fine series.  Almost makes we want to join a motorcycle gang.  Almost.  

It's still early, but I have had a long day, and a sad and stressful one to boot.  I will turn in early.  

See you tomorrow.


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