Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post 1830 - Mission Accomplished

Patricia keeps going on about how I am not handy, but this evening I fixed her computer, darn it.

The wireless wasn't working  on  her netbook, with the most recent, and probably last, version of Easy Peasy, a pretty good ubuntu-based linux distro.   These usually work well, but wireless is a funny thing, as I have come to find out.

I downloaded some stuff and tricked the computer into revealing its wireless by sticking a wireless usb stick in it.  I have found that has worked before, and it worked again tonight.  Yay for me.

I also washed the dishes this evening and watched the latest, slightly less interminable, episode of "Hell on Wheels".  This show would probably be much more acceptable to people if it did not follow "The Walking Dead", which is so much more exciting.  I will watch HoW a bit longer, but my interest is seriously waning.

I will be taking a couple of vacation days next week, spending them with my mother in the valley.  Looking forward to that nearly as much as I am to... the 4th annual Bevboy Christmas Tie Extravaganza!  Yes.  A different Christmas tie every work day in December up to December 23rd.  Of course, every day you will see those pictures here on the blog.  Won't that be fun?

See you tomorrow.


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