Thursday, December 1, 2011

Post 1832 - Christmas Tie 2011 - Day One

Welcome to the first day of the 4th Annual Bevboy Christmas Tie Extravaganza!  Yay!

I thought I would start this year's festivities on a quiet note  Nothing says "Christmas" like ghost stories.  This time of year is rife with them, whether it's Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", or a Sherlock Holmes yarn, or the stories in the fine collection I was reading this morning when this photo (and several others) was snapped.

People accosted me in the hallways at work today, noting with great pleasure that it must be indeed the commencement of the holiday season, since I'm wearing my Christmas ties.  Wait until they see some of the funny situations I put myself in this month!  It will be a real laugh riot!  Har!  Har!

My thanks to Gail for her excellent photographic work.

See you tomorrow.



Fundy Coast said...

the book is upside down.

Bevboy said...

It's called a joke.