Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post 1839 - A Long Weekend In The Valley

I drove here to my mother's this morning in order to take her to the doctor's. Of course, afterward, she had to have lunch some place, so I paid attention to her hints and took her to Swiss Chalet.

Returned here and napped before preparing supper. I went to New Minas to get some meds for Mom and came back here and confronted a long- neglected chore.

As a young fella, I clipped articles from the local community newspaper, The Advertiser. For some reason, lots of those articles are about local sports. Don't care a lick about sports and didn't then. No matter.

I spent several hours this evening sifting through these articles and scanning some of the most interesting ones. Scanned a few dozen articles. Some will make dandy future editions of The Early Bevboy. Others will be emailed to an old professor of mine who expressed an interest in seeing the ones related to Acadia. Others yet are fascinating glimpses into some of the cool history around these here parts.

Tomorrow, I hope to find some time to complete this task, except perhaps for the items that won't fit on the flatbed scanner. Not sure what I'll do for the oversize articles.

Also tomorrow, Mom has several plans for me. I will be kept busy.

Better get to bed. Lots on the agenda tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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