Friday, December 9, 2011

Post 1840 - Wolfville Bloggin'

These pathetic, humble words come from TAN Coffee in downtown Wolfville.  It's the second time I've ever been here.   The first time, last year, it was not a good experience.  The coffee, whatever it was I ordered, was pretty gross. Today's latte is much better and I am feeling alive again. An hour or so ago, not so much.

I spent a few hours today shopping for my mother.  Some of you will be happy to know that I have purchased the Christmas turkey for the family.  At $1.27 a pound at Superstore, it's a steal.  Dad always favoured the Butterball variety of turkey, the type injected  with... something and stuffed with... something else.  Last year, our first year without him, we bought a utility turkey and enjoyed it much more than we ever had the ones Dad liked.

Life continues to be interesting.  There are days when it feels as though my life is closing in on me.  It's like an episode of The Walking Dead, where one minute all is well, and the next, I'm being assailed by all sides without regard to my feelings or some of the crap I've had to endure over the last couple of years.  There are times when it is not fun, being everyone's punching bag.

I spent more time today scanning in articles clipped from newspapers 25 years ago. I still wonder why the Hell I clipped some of those articles in the first place, but yet, I did.  Some of these articles are fascinating to me even today.  Others, like a picture of a 4-H meeting in April of 1982 featuring a girl I had a crush on at the time, mystify me.  Unless the hormones were raging back then such that a picture like that comforted me in a certain context, that is.  Who knows?

My, women had the big hair in the 1980's, didn't they?  Is that why there's a hole in the ozone layer?  All that hair product used to keep the follicles in place.  What was the point, anyway?

Guess I'll let you guys get back to what  you were doing.

See you tomorrow.


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