Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Post 1844 - The Plot Thickens!

First of all, no Christmas tie picture today.  I was sick today.  Expect another cool tie tomorrow.

I slept in very late this morning.  When I did finally get up, I stumbled into the kitchen and considered the dishes in the sink.  I cooked some breakfast and tackled the dishes.  After that, I decided to cook the chili for tomorrow's potluck lunch at work.

The beans, all twelve different kinds, had been soaking since Monday night.  I boiled them for about 90 minutes.  At the same time I cooked a couple pounds of hamburger and emptied several cans of tomatoes into a crockpot, following it with the cooked and drained hamburger.

When the beans were boiled sufficiently, I added them to the crockpot.  I found some cans of tomatoes and some dried onions.  Chili powder, maybe a bit too much, was added.  When Patricia got home this evening, she brought home some fresh onions, so I added two more.

This is going to be a cool chili.  A really good one.  I hope that people at work tomorrow, like it.

In other news, I got an interesting comment on blog post 901, written more than 2 years ago.  It was from Dennis Riley, son of Norm Riley, the seminal CJCH broadcaster from 6 decades ago.   He thanked me for having written that post but pointed out that much of what I had written was wrong.

I left a comment on that post indicating that I would love to learn more about Norm Riley.  When did he join CJ?  When did he leave?  Why did he get involved with managing movie theatres?  Everything.  I want to know it all.

I am in receipt of 10 or so pictures of Norm Riley, and I want to run them here on the blog, and soon.   Arranging all those pictures in one post without much text would be a challenge, though.  I'd love to have more to say about the guy, and now, I may get my wish.

I am willing to disbelieve all the negative things I have heard about Norm Riley.  They are second and third and fourth hand.  To get stuff from his son about his dad excites me.

Whenever you're ready, Mr. Riley!

See you tomorrow.


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