Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Post 1845 - Christmas Tie 2011 - Day Seven

Welcome to the 7th day of the 4th  Annual Bevboy Christmas Tie Extravaganza.

A bit of context.  Today was our annual Christmas potluck lunch.  Participants were asked to prepare or purchase some item and take it in.  We would then dig into these items and scarf away until the food we'd eaten was oozing from our ears and the very thought of eating just one more morsel would send us jumping out the windows to our deaths.  Something like that.

After that lunch, about half of the chili I mentioned last night was left over.  I took the freshly-washed ladle and taped the piece of mistletoe at my desk (a long story!)  and held it over my head, in the vain, pathetic, doomed-to-failure wish that someone would kiss me.  Today was like junior high school, all over again.

My thanks to my friend Adam for taking the photos today!

See you tomorrow.


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