Friday, December 16, 2011

Post 1847 - A Day Off

It is comparatively late on Friday night.  We had a day off work.  Yay!

We were gonna go to the cottage today, but we slept in instead and decided to stay in town.  We had lunch at Cora's in Lacewood and then repaired ourselves to Fisherman's Market and Clearwater on the Bedford highway to get some fish.  Hadn't been to either place in years.  Even though Clearwater is a cleaner place, and larger and brighter, we still prefer Fisherman's Market.  It looks and smells the way a fisherman's market should look and smell.

We continued down the Bedford highway and ended up at Pete's Frootique and other stores in the Bedford Mall.  We also hadn't been there for quite some time.

We returned to the house mid-afternoon and napped for a time.   Turned on CBC radio and heard Meaghan Smith.  This morning, I had her on Lite 92.9 when she was in studio with Jamie and Lisa.  The girl gets around.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Valley and spend the day down there.  There are a number of things that need to be done to prepare for the holidays, and tomorrow is a good day to do them.  As breaking  news, if you're nice to me, if you tell me you love me, there may be a special weekend edition of the Christmas Tie Extravaganza.  It will consist of pictures taken in the various parts of the Valley where we will be on Saturday.  Look for it.

See you tomorrow.  Be excited!!


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