Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post 1849 - A Long Sunday

Slept in this morning after the very long and trying day in the Valley on Saturday.

Today we got on a cleaning kick, so we cleaned the bathroom and I tackled the laundry room.  I applied a bit of bleach and Mr. Clean to an area that I think Cindy has been weeing in lately.  Her scent should be pretty much gone from that spot now, at least we hope so.

For dinner, we had some mussels that we bought at Clearwater or Fisherman's Market on Friday.  Apparently, mussels are an aphrodisiac.  Apparently.  I mean, I didn't notice anything different, and I know Patricia didn't, because I didn't get that come hither look from her, the one I get when I pull a 20 dollar bill out of my pocket and leave it on the nightstand.

This computer I am using is currently burning a dvd for a guy at work.  He gave me a dvd on Thursday full of hundreds of songs that I will never have time to listen to.  The least I could do is return the favour, and will present him tomorrow with a dvd full of hundreds of Old Time Radio shows from the 1940's and 1950's that he will never listen to.  I downloaded, ordered, copied these shows years and years ago for the most part, but some of them were purchased more recently from this website.  It's probably the biggest OTR website in the world, with many thousands of shows.  They will sell you collections of cd's (don't know why they haven't moved over to dvd yet, or charge for download), for a very reasonable price.

(Yeah.  I know.  You can get torrents.  You can download the various mp3's.  But that's work, finding and organizing that stuff.  Why not order from these guys?  They're nice, and charge very little.  Don't be such a cheap bastard.)

A lot of that old OTR stuff is pretty corny, but the comedies can still be very droll and entertaining.  There is a timeless element to these old comedies that will make them funny a hundred years from now.  I don't have enough of them in my collection.  Of course, there is a whole binder of these shows that I haven't been able to find lately, and therefore they aren't on any of my computers, so I can't share them with my friend or anyone else.  Such is life, and such is the fate of these discs if you misplace them.  They will turn up one day.

5 more Christmas ties this week, and that's it.  I hope you're looking forward to them as much as I am.

See you tomorrow.


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