Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Post 1852 - Christmas Tie 2011 - Day Twelve

Welcome to the antepenultimate edition of the 4th Annual Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza!

This was a pretty fun one.  Jamie and Lisa of Lite 92.9 invited me into their Master Control Room,  the studio from which they broadcast their morning show, 5 days a week.  Their musical format is all Christmas, all the time, from December 1st through the end of the 25th.  It is great fun, listening to this station at this time of the year.

Jamie gently chided me for not having interviewed him yet.  I assured him that 2012 is coming and that I would be delighted to sit down with him sometime early in the new year.  That appeased him.

Of course, I interviewed the lovely Lisa Blackburn in 2010.  I will add the label to her interview as part of this blog post.  It is a good one, and you should read it.

Let's see here.  I gave Lisa and Jamie each a clementine this morning.  Jamie dove right into it.  I am guessing they get pretty hungry after being on the air for a few hours.    And, can you find the Bevboy's Blog business card in the second picture?  Well, can you?  Hmm?

It was very interesting, discussing radio with Jamie and Lisa this morning.  I do not have access to the BBM ratings book, so we spoke about that for a moment or two.  Lite held its own, but other stations have suffered declines, apparently to an unexplained loss of adult males in the polling samples.  Hal FM still had a good book, though.  Live 105 is incrementally improving its ratings.   Other stations didn't do so well.  I'd love to see a copy of the book, people.  If anyone reading this can make that happen, I'm interested.

I have lined up Thursday's picture situation, and Friday's is pretty much decided as well.  You should be excited for me.

If not for yourself.

See you tomorrow.


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