Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post 1853 – Christmas Tie 2011 – Day Thirteen

Welcome to the penultimate edition of the Fourth Annual Bevboy’s Christmas Tie Extravaganza!!

This is a special one tBev Day 13 Ahat I wanted to save for the (almost) end.  It features moi, little old me, yours truly, on the desk of my executive director, Miriam.  She claims she has been looking forward to this day as well, for a couple of weeks now, ever since I broached the subject with her.

The thing is, I wasn’t comfortable just going into her office   when she wasn’t around.  She’s often in meeting and away from her office, you see. 

So, I bided my time until it was right. I am a patient Bevboy.  I learned she would be in the office today and would actually Bev Day 13 Cbe getting her hair done, one presumes in anticipation of this great tie event.  At least, I have convinced myself that that is why she got her hair done this morning.   Please do not do anything to disabuse me of this perception.  Deal?

There is a solo shot of me, of course.  I did this for the ladies, who have been clamouring (yes!  clamouring) for such a photograph of me during this month.  “Please, Bevboy!  You  must reveal your legs from the top of your sock to the bottom of your pant leg.   Life will not be worth living if you don’t!”, was the refrain I heard and saw over and over.   Finally, I was unable to resist this torrent of pleas and have acquiesced to their demands.  I hope they’re Bev Day 13 Dhappy now.  Of course, the glimpse of my leg is in more than one picture, so they should be beside themselves right about now. 

Tomorrow is the final official day in the 4th Annual Bevboy’s Blog Christmas Tie Extravaganza.  It is all planned out.  It will be awesome.  And notice I said “official”.  There may be an epilogue!  You never know, folks.  Just be nice to me and you’ll never know where it will go.


Bev Day 13  B

Bev Day 13 E

See you tomorrow.

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