Friday, December 23, 2011

Post 1856 – Christmas Tie 2011 – Day Fourteen


We have reached the end of the line, ladies and gentlemen.  The final day of the Fourth Annual Bevboy DSCF5128 Christmas Tie Extravaganza!

All these years, I’ll bet you have wondered one thing.  With Santa granting the wishes of the world’s children, year after year, who grants his? 

Well, now the truth can be told.

Bevboy does.

Every December, just before Christmas, Santa visits Bevboy and sits on his lap and tells him what he wants.  DSCF5129 Some of those wishes… well, they’re not things children should ask for.  Let’s put it that way.  My jeepers. 

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to have been your host for another year in this amazing Christmas tradition.  I hope you have enjoyed these pictures, these posts, as much as I have putting them out there for you.

There may be yet another edition of the Extravaganza, on Christmas Eve.  Keep reading the blog, folks.


Off to the Valley this afternoon.  I promise to think about you from time to time.  Or not.  Probably not.  I mean, why should I?  You don’t think about me!

See you later!!






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