Monday, December 26, 2011

Post 1859 - Boxing Day

It's the day after Christmas. Patricia and I remain in the Valley. We had every opportunity and intention to return to the city today but we haven't. Instead, we took a long nap. I lay down around 4:30 and didn't get back up until just before 7.

We watched Lisa Laflemme's interview with Stephen Harper. We went for a walk afterward and returned to my $other's after that.

Tomorrow morning, we return to the city for sure and take advantage of the annual Boxing Week sales. There a few things I want. Patricia wants a cover for her new kindle. We both want to get rid of our new gift cards.

It's been a good Christmas, the second without my father. His presence is all throughout this house, which he built. We all miss him a lot. We visited his grave this afternoon and said hello and told him how much we missed him. At a certain level, I think he heard us.

See you tomorrow.

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