Friday, December 30, 2011

Post 1863 - Another Long Weekend

It is Friday night, comparatively late.  Newbie wants me to turn in.  I will indulge him shortly.

It was a long day.  Patricia took a sick day, and I wish I had as well.  I think I am coming down with what she has, which is not a good thing.   I hate being sick on a weekend.

We plan to do little this weekend.  We were going to visit my mother this weekend, but we decided to remain in town after all.  That means we will be parked in front of the  old tv watching the ball drop and eating too much and sleeping... how can you sleep too much?  I mean, really!  How can you?  Never heard of such a thing.

Tomorrow, I will write of this year's end and what I think awaits me in 2012.

See you then!


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