Saturday, December 31, 2011

Post 1864 - One Hour Left

It is just shy of 11pm on Saturday evening, December 31st, 2011.

I have spent the last couple of hours watching a couple episodes of season six of Dexter.  Before that, I washed most of the many, many dishes in the kitchen sink.  Patricia has spent the evening watching "Mary Poppins" on CTV.  Not my cuppa.

I began the evening, at six, tuned into Live 105.  My friend Neil Spence has been hosting a six hour request show, and it's been a blast.  Live 105 continues to delight me every time I tune in.  It is new rock, so much of the music is unfamiliar to me.  However, I enjoy it a great deal.  It is a great pleasure not to hear certain songs and certain artists.  I can't express to you in polite terms how tired I am of certain groups and certain tunes!

I wrote a love letter to Live 105 several months ago, and my only regret is in the names of the jocks I did not mention in that post.  I will correct that now.  I love everyone who works at that station.  You heard me.  Love.  Christina.  Scotty. Neil the Rock Star.  Morgan.  Dexter.  Cub and Floyd.  Anyone else who fills in from time to time.  They all have an enthusiasm for their craft that is hard to overlook, and the music they play entertains me every time I tune in.  I'd tell them all to  keep up the good work, but that would insult them, because they get better every day anyway.

Today was going to be the day when I looked back on 2011 and wrote about the things that I liked and disliked about the year.  It's not quite over yet.  Some good things, some bad things, can still happen in the next 60 minutes, and I can't assume otherwise.  Tomorrow, I will write that overview of 2011.

See you tomorrow.

And, happy new year!


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