Friday, January 6, 2012

Post 1870 - A Long Weekend

It is just past 7pm on Friday evening.  I write these humble, pathetic, sub-par words from the Port Williams Library, using my netbook.

I got up around 12 hours ago.  I drove to the Valley.  Of course, Mom had things for me to do, so I did them.  While out, I got a call from a friend who needed some help with his computer.  For some reason, he thought I could help him.  We agreed I'd go to his place after lunch.

I dropped into the Kentville grocery store and bought a sandwich for my lunch.  While there, a woman approached me with an armful of groceries and asked where I had got the basket I was carrying it in.  I told her they were by the door.  She replied that they wouldn't let her leave with all that stuff.  I gave her the basket and helped her load her things in it.  From the look on her face, you'd think I had given her a million bucks or something.  I also gave her a blog business card.  A gentleman saw me do that and thanked me for my hospitality as well.  I thanked him for his politeness and gave him a card.  The word of the Blog must get around, folks!

I went from there to the Superstore in New Minas.   Guess what?  That woman was there, too!  Do I have a stalker?  I've never had one and would like the experience,  please!

I returned to Mom's with some of the things she needed.  Just before 1, around 12:55, I left to go to my friend's place.

Along the way, at 1:03pm, the format change, for lack of a better word, happened over at Z103.  The station is now to be known as Energy 1035.  As far as i can tell, the music will be about the same as it was before just with more... energy.  More oomph.   They are playing up the music, which makes me think they're playing down the on air talent.  They fired their on air staff, or most of it, on Wednesday.  We already have 2 stations in this market that have no live local presence beyond 10 o'clock in the morning.  We don't need another one.

We will see what happens with Energy 1035.

My friend's computer issues resulted in overwriting XP and installing Easy Peasy, the Ubuntu variant, on it.  It took a while, most of the afternoon, to install it and then install the hundreds of megabytes of updates and then the drivers necessary to run his printer.  The print function works fine; things like the scanner on the all-in-one still need to be addressed.

I got back to Mom's around 4:30 and prepared dinner.  The rice cooker we got her for Christmas was still in the box.  I uncrated it and pressed it into service.  The brown rice along with the meatballs I od'd on made for a wonderful Winter's supper.

Tomorrow is grocery day.  Mom will probably stay behind while I run all over the place getting her victuals.  I'll return and be like a gibbering idiot.  Which is to say, I will return and be normal.  My normal.

See you tomorrow, Constant Reader!


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