Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post 1872 - Where Did The Weekend Go?

It is fairly late Sunday evening.  Newbie is giving me that come hither look which can only mean one thing.  I'll let you ponder that.

I am back in the city after a couple of days in the Valley.  Other than Saturday night, I spent quite a bit of time sleeping.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is the time of year in which one wants to hibernate to the expense of being productive.  Once again, the weekend went by too quickly.

Sunday morning, I cooked the Atlantic salmon that I bought my mother for Christmas.  It cost me 35 dollars, so I was nervous that it wouldn't turn out well.  I deliberately undercooked it just a bit because it's so easy to overcook most fish, especially salmon.  The garlic and olive oil and red pepper I spread over the salmon made it taste all the better, and Mom claimed she liked it.  There is lots left for her to eat over the next couple of days.

I love the Valley, but there is no equivalent to Clearwater or Fishermen's Market down there.  The best I can think of is a guy who drives a fish truck up from Digby or Yarmouth every Wednesday.  I'm not saying there is anything dodgy about a guy selling fresh fish off the back of a truck, stuff that's better than the crap they sell in the stores.  I'm saying that that part of the province is underserved in the fresh fish area.  A store specializing in the sale of fish would go over well there.   I've stated too much on this topic, one which most of you don't give a poop about.  Just saying.

I am not sure what to do here.  I have to decide how many vacation days to carry over to the next fiscal year.  If I don't, I lose those days.  Don't ask me what I think of this policy.  It's the same opinion you have.  But I am not sure if I should use those last few days between now and year end or carry over at least a couple.  What do you think?  Don't make me think for myself, folks!  Not the Bevboy way.

Time for bed.  Newbie is really starting to grow impatient.  Coming, sweetheart!!



Ken said...

Apply to carry over and/or bank (yes, it's two separate actions) as many days as you can, Bev. Don't risk losing them. Even after you apply to carry over or bank days, should you change your mind and wish to use the days you should be able to reverse the procedure. Check with your HR professional to make certain it is reversible, I have been retired for over three years now - things may have changed!

Bevboy said...

Hi, Ken. I so seldom have time to carry over. This year is unique in that I have nearly a full week left that I can carry over to next year.

Hope all is well. Hope you like the new blog layout. Work in progress.


Ken said...

I often carried over vacation time. Never seemed to take everything I had earned!

All is well here, thanks.

And remember, I rarely see the blog layout, I read your daily entries on my RSS feed!