Monday, January 9, 2012

Post 1873 - Zzzz!

Felt tired today at work.  A little off.  I feel that I am fighting something.  We collapsed when we got home this evening and only got up around 9, when The Good Wife was already in progress.

So, how many of you have read the James Taylor interview?  Really?  Not all of you have?  It was only 17 months in the making, folks.   Show some respect.

Coming up, I have the first part of a Katey Day interview, a very long Shane Wilson interview, and an interview with Julia Kirkey, late of K-Rock in the Valley, and presently of MBS in Halifax.  I just need the hours necessary to transcribe it all.  Didn't have the time to do any of that over the holidays, and increasingly, my evenings are getting full as well. 

My slow attempts to convert the world away from Windows and over to linux are working.  The guy I helped on Friday, best known to the world as Greasy Gary at Q104, is very happy with the version of Ubuntu I put on his desktop on Friday.  It went from a computer that pretty much didn't work, to one that runs like the wind.  Take that, Microsoft!  You suck.

Newbie is giving me that look again, the one that says I'm his bitch for the next several hours.  Sigh.  Who's the human around here, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


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