Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post 1876 - First Day Back

I returned to work this morning after being sick for two days.  I got through the day, which is good.  Still not feeling very swift.  Not good,

We had a snowstorm hit us on the way home.  Mere metres from the house some so-and-so didn't realize the stop sign he ignored wasn't a four way stop.  Despite the inclement weather and the difficulty, I had to stop suddenly to avoid being side swiped.   I laid on the horn for a good 10 seconds.  He backed up the car and we got home in one piece.  Kept expecting the little knob to  come after us, but he didn't.

This is happening more and more in this neighborhood.  That particular intersection is not a four way stop, but people either think it is, or simply ignore the stop sign.   There are a lot of children around here.  How long before one is injured, or worse, because people ignore the stop signs around here?

Get me out of here.  Get me to the Valley.


See you tomorrow.


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