Friday, January 13, 2012

Post 1877 - Worst. Meal. Ever!

Patricia has an expression I find endearing.  When she's hungry she can say, "I could eat the ass out of a dead horse".  Or something like that.  It's so endearing I can't remember.

Usually, we go to Michael's on Young Street as it is very close to my work, and the food is pretty good.  We opted, instead, to go to The Lion's Head Tavern on Young Street.

Big mistake.

Some people from my work had gone there for lunch while I remained back at my work station, transcribing a couple pieces of the latest blog interview to be published sometime in the relatively near future.  Inspired by those folks, we went there.


Patricia was craving steak.  I decided to have the chili Philly cheese steak sandwich with fries.


I guess at some point a cow walked through that sandwich.  Otherwise, there was no meat to speak of.  The fries were not good at all.

Patricia's steak was dry to the point where she was looking for the chalk.  The baked potato was acceptable to her, but that was the only thing she liked.  It was "sold" to her as a New York steak, supposedly a bit thicker than a regular steak.  Instead, it was so thin it only had one side.  I had a bite of it, and I can say it was not the worst steak I had ever had in my life.  That would be reserved for a steak I ate at Michael's not long ago.

Patricia was really ticked.  We got the bill and left.  She refused to pay a tip.  All the way home she was going on about the food and the service and how much she wanted to complain to the manager.  When we got home, she wrote a pretty passionate message on FB.  We tried to call, but nobody there picked up.

All we can do in these cases is let you know about our experience there.  We didn't like it.  We don't plan to go back.

Some places have a reputation for selling crappy food, but folks go anyway.  Maybe the beer soaks up the grease and the fat and makes the food taste better than it has a right to.  They may have a desirable location, or people become so enraptured by the nostalgia of the place that people overlook the many faults.  I am guessing that the Lion's Head  Tavern falls into that latter category, the way that The Chicken Burger in Bedford does.

Folks, there are better places to eat in the North End of the city.  Michael's sure is better, if you stay away from the steaks.  Check out that place and don't waste your money on the Lion's Head  Tavern.

See you tomorrow.



Rob Wolfe said...

When I have had a bad meal experience (we eat out a lot so it does happen from time to time) I always make sure that I talk to the manager before I leave the restaurant. You would be shocked how often you will be comped the meal or at least any portions that you think sucked. We were recently in Chicago and my entree was horrible. Maria's was yummy.

I pointed out the foulness of mine and they comped it as well as my dessert(which I hadn't yet ordered). I didn't have to raise a fuss, just explain where they fell short.

Bluenose Sidecar Tours said...

I agree with Rob. Always explain the situation to the manager. It's their job to ensure happy customers. I would suggest that you take the time to read/post a review on Trip Advisor. It would be interesting to see what other people have experienced at this venue, and future potential patrons would likely be interested in hearing about your nasty meal.

Bevboy said...

You guys are both write. We should have complained when we were there. Instead, we came home and have been recovering from the effects of that meal ever since.