Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post 1885 - Second Day In The Valley

Here I am, in my mother's kitchen, just past 9:30. Mom discovered that GSN is showing repeats of "Dancing with the Stars" and is trying to stay awake long enough to watch some. I just munched on some more hamburger hash. Will turn in shortly.
I bought Mom's groceries today. She didn't feel comfortable going out in the post storm. This afternoon, I gave away Mom's old rice cooker to a guy at work and napped. Newbie was glommed on to me the whole time.

This evening, Mom and I talked about some mother and son stuff that would bore you. She's discovered her show and is now ignoring me. Even Newbie is being standoffish. What else is new?

Tomorrow I will return to the city. Monday, I return to the gym. Nervous as Hell about it.

See you tomorrow.

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