Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post 1887 - The Night Before

It is Sunday night.  I am back in the city. Newbie is next to me on the bed, breathing heavily, hinting for me to turn in.  I will oblige him shortly.

I am using the new Blogger interface  for this blog post.  I found the last one sparse.  This one is positively Spartan.  I hope I can go back to the former layout.

Tomorrow, I return to work after a 3 day weekend.  After work on Monday, I return to the gym.  I have packed my gym shorts and shirt and towel.  I have a water bottle around here somewhere.  Very nervous about the whole thing.  I have been away from the gym for too long.

Had a very nice weekend with my mother.  I know she enjoys having me around, and misses me when I am  not there.  I miss her, too, for that matter. Even after all these years, I still miss living in that part of the province.

Newbie continues to beckon.  This blogger layout is ticking me off more and more.  And I'm turning in.

See you tomorrow.


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