Friday, January 27, 2012

Post 1892 - Storm? What Storm?

I think I'm being punished for the tone of my Thursday post.  You may recall I crowed about being off today and not having to go out in what promised to be an epic Winter storm.  I wouldn't have to drive out in that crap.

Didn't turn out that way.

The storm?  I swear, I seen more precipitation in my shower.  The wind?  I've experienced stronger winds after I drank two litres of milk in one sitting that one time before I discovered I was lactose intolerant.   You catch my drift.  It wasn't much of a storm today.

I was at my mother's a week ago and that was a storm.  Mom and I  got back to her place mid-afternoon, just as the heavy snow was commencing.  I was fixing her door handle as the snow was hitting my back and swirling around me (the door had to be ajar in order for me to get a good grip on my task).   Yeah.  That was a storm.

Today's... weather.  That wasn't a storm.  Anyone who thinks that was a storm is a wimp.  A wimp, I tell you.

Newbie is giving me that look.  Time to turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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