Monday, January 30, 2012

Post 1895 - Two In A Row!

After work tonight, I did another spin class. I have the aching legs to prove it.  I have the sweaty shorts and t-shirt to prove it.  I have the pat on the behind from the spin class instructor, henceforth known as Nancy the Spin Nazi, to prove it.

It's funny.  Well, not funny ha ha.  Funny weird.  When I got downtown from work for my spin class, the streets were dry.  Cloudy but no precipitation  I went inside and suffered the humiliations I described in the previous paragraph.  I staggered out from the gym, and out into the evening.  Much to my chagrin, I discovered that it had been snowing.  I am not sure what time it started snowing, but it is as if God sensed what my feelings would be like after my work out and decided to match the weather.  Thank you, God.

Got home.  Patricia was cooking pork chops or something.  I ate the rest of the salmon from last night and then had a plate of salad.  I was ravenous, the kind of hungry that comes from having burned off some calories.  But I still wasn't hungry enough to eat pork chops.  Pigs.  Cloven-footed bastards.

I plan to do a second spin class this week.  Maybe not at Scotia Square, but at Park Lane.  Probably Thursday night.  My good friend John, a faithful blog reader, has suggested I check out "the scenery" at that gym.  I think by that he means that there are a lot of windows in the place and therefore I will know instantly of changes in the weather.  No more surprises when I walk out of and get confronted by inclement meteorology.  Thank you, John.  You've always been a good friend.

It's always nice when people look out for me.

See you tomorrow.


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